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Leo Waddell is the #1 Shotcrete Expert in the Pacific Northwest and with more than 40 years of experience, he could be the #1 Gunite/Shotcrete Expert in the world.



Leo Waddell provides American Shotcrete Association (ASA) approved Shotcrete Nozzleman training and American Concrete Institute (ACI) Shotcrete Nozzleman Certification examinations.

Leo has been in construction since 1960.  During these 40+ years, he has done repair work on most of the dams on the Spokane, Snake and Columbia Rivers, built commercial and residential swimming pools in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, California and Nevada, and his experience expands constantly in both wet and dry mix shotcrete processes.


Leo is now an ASA / ACI Certified Shotcrete/Gunite Trainer and Nozzleman Certification Examiner.  And is available for worldwide travel on a very flexible schedule.

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